“Land Kara De” Meme Guy Goes Paragliding Again! This Time While Sipping Cutting Chai

Remember the panicking paraglider who pleaded with the instructor, ‘hawa kam karo na’ and ‘land kara de bhai’? The viral video made many people laugh, where he cursed himself for trying out the extreme sport.

Viewer discretion advised:

The popular meme guy named Vipin Sahu has now gathered all his courage and overcome his fear in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. A video of him successfully completing the ride at the end of 2020 has now surfaced. Check it out as he not only beaming with confidence, but also enjoying cutting chai while in air:

He appreciated the team that helped him for a smooth ride and tells the viewers that it is a wonderful feeling. He even looks down for the first time, expressing how he was scared initially, but has now overcome his fear.

Does this give you the much-needed confidence to try your hand at the sport? Tell us!

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