Guy Uses An ‘Out Of The World’ Pickup Line To Grab Girl’s Attention, Desis Call Him A ‘Legend’

In today’s day and age, where you can make a ‘move’ on your crush via various apps, it is important to stand out. Because our WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram and Twitter inboxes are filled with messages from strangers wanting to know us. So would you rather respond to a message that reads, “What to be frands?” or would you go for something more interesting?

Yes, thinking out of the box doesn’t just apply while working a corporate job. Real life mein bhi zaroori hai!


Here’s a classic example. A woman named Vaishnavi took to Twitter to share screenshots of messages she received from a guy trying to throw his shot via Instagram DMs. His pickup line is SMOOOOOOTH.

He wrote, “Wanted to lyk (let you know) there’s an account using your photos.”

When Vaishnavi asked, “Where?”, he sent the Instagram profile link of NASA that has gorgeous pictures from outer space. He wrote, “Bc you are out of this world.”

I mean…this pickup line is…


Here’s a look at his messages:

The guy went on to write that he wanted to grab her attention somehow. And while he did manage to do so, the woman said she wasn’t looking for anything romantic. However, she was mighty impressed and decided to give credit where it was due.

Have a look at her tweet here:

He managed to impress not just her but several others on Twitter who thought he was an absolute legend. Here’s what some of them said:

Where do I subscribe to find a person like this? 😛

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