This Guy Invented A Microscope Made From Paper & It Can Break The Expensive Medical World


Who hasn’t enjoyed origami? Since we were kids, we all have atleast once, folded a paper plane or a paper swan or punched out a paper car from a single sheet of paper. Now, what if I tell you that you can make a fully functional microscope by just folding a sheet of paper? Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Manu Prakash, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University has come up with a revolutionising model called ‘Foldscope’ that is an optical microscope which can be assembled from simple components, including a sheet of paper and a lens. This invention holds the capacity to reform the health care system in developing countries by diagnosing various infections. It is easy to carry and costs just 50 Cents (₹ 22) to manufacture.

TedTalks uploaded a video in which Manu Prakash has properly explained the functioning and uses of Foldscope. Manu Prakash has recently been on map because of his latest invention (along with his students) of a water-droplet based computer that can precisely control and manipulate physical matter. He was born in Meerut and completed his education from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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