California Wildfires Turn The Skies A Fiery Orange, People Tweet Haunting Visuals


People of San Francisco and some parts in and around California woke up to an orange sky that looked hauntingly eerie. According to News18, smoke from wildfires in California had painted the sky with a dark orange hue. Dark skies blocked the sun turning day into night.

As reported by BBC, around 14,000 firefighters are trying to tackle the 28 major blazes across California. As of now, wildfires have burned more than 2.5 million acres, claiming the lives of around eight people.

Tweeting the reason for this unusual occurrence, the air quality officials of San Francisco Bay said:

Social media also turned orange after people online shared visuals of the darkened sky. Take a look:


Experts opined that the conditions might remain the same for the next couple of days as wildfires continue to burn in California. Air quality has also reportedly dropped in the vicinity.

Hope the authorities are taking sufficient measures to tackle this crisis.

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