OPPO’s New A7, Easy On The Eyes As Well As On Your Pockets

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We sleep with it, eat with it, drive with it, play with it and the list goes on. However, with the ever-changing landscape, we expect them to evolve accordingly, whilst not turning our pockets into a dark hole of nothingness.

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Now, this holy unison of affordable price and technological advancements in a smartphone might still seem like a distant dream for most of you. However, OPPO the Selfie Expert is here with their latest mid segment smartphone – the OPPO A7 – to turn those fantasies into reality right now.

OPPO’s A series has been a huge success in India. The OPPO A3s was lauded for its huge battery and the A5 wooed everyone with its fashionable diamond-shaped texture. And with the new A7, OPPO is all set to blow everyone minds by combining by what was good about its predecessors with all new features.


For starters, feast your eyes upon the waterdrop screen that turns the OPPO A7 from just a tool for communication to a piece of art. And yes, you’re right, the all-encompassing screen is inspired by a water drop that is about to fall.

What makes the aforementioned water drop even more special is because it contains a 16MP front camera and sensors, thereby making OPPO A7 the phone with the highest screen to body ratio of the A series.

To be specific, the screen is a 6.2-inch HD+ Incell screen, with Corning Gorilla Glass on it to provide greater resistance and prevent scratches. So, if you’re playing your favourite game or watching the latest TV series, you’re going to get the most immersive user experience.

Did you think art was limited to the boundaries of a canvas? Well, think again because the OPPO A7’s intricate design and texture can give any piece of abstract painting a run for its money.

The OPPO A7 is thin, light and easy to slide into your pocket because of its 3D thermally bent sheet. And with the glass-esque cover, you can feel the grainy pattern on the back brush against your fingertips. Add to it the carefully crafted frosted middle frame, and you have one of the most graceful smartphones in the palm of your hands.

Oh yeah! It comes in Glaring Gold and Glaze Blue, which looks spectacular in any kind of light. So, just saying, when you have this bad boy with you, you’re not gonna need any extra bling.

All this is fueled by a 4230mAh battery, which relieves you of the worry of draining your battery during the day.

How? Well, the battery has its own AI that freezes inactive apps and reduces excess caching to save more power. Now, that’s better than what they show in science-fiction movies!

The 4230 mAh battery also ensures that you’ll be able to talk on the phone, play games, watch your favourite YouTube videos and listen to music for more than 48 hours, before having to plug it into the charging port. Ain’t that impressive as hell?

While most smartphones have a large battery, it suffers from poor battery backup. But not OPPO A7! That’s because its 4230 mAh battery is supplemented by the phone’s power-efficient processor and well-optimised software. And in the off-chance that you do need to give it some juice, it’ll take a mere 60 minutes to bring it up to full speed.

I know, I know, you want to hear how good is the selfie-quality on the A7, right? Well, it’s OPPO. They’ve always given the best selfie experience in the market and with their latest entry, they’ve done it again.

The 13+2MP dual rear camera takes some gorgeous photos capturing details that you won’t even notice with your naked eye. On the other hand, the 16MP front camera does an equally splendid job of taking well-lit selfies and groupfies (which can be given a personal touch with the help of OPPO A7’s AR Stickers).

Talking about science-fiction, OPPO’s ColorOS 5.2, which is based on Android 8.1, is a really, really smart and efficient assistant.

I know what you’re thinking. If it’s a smartphone, its AI has to be “smart”. But actually, it’s much more sophisticated than that. It helps you to screen-multitask both vertically and horizontally. The Smart Bar (which can be activated by sliding at both sides), can be used for quick file sharing, screen recording, screenshots and many other shortcuts. Abb hua na smart?

The OPPO A7 comes at a price of Rs. 16,990 and can be purchased with easy EMIs of Rs. 1416 per month. So, before it gets completely sold out and you’ve a year or so for the next stock, rush to Flipkart, Amazon or PayTM Mall to purchase it! Go now!