OP Jindal University Kitchen Staff Uses Feet To Crush Potatoes For Canteen Food For Students

Recently, a video from Haryana’s OP Jindal University went viral which has instigated several people to raise questions regarding proper hygiene conditions being used while preparing food for students in the university. In the video, we see how a member of the kitchen staff uses his legs to crush potatoes in a big vessel. Students have stopped eating in the mess on campus. Another fact that has got people concerned is that there are no CCTV cameras inside the kitchen to monitor the activities of the staff cooking the food.

Here is a look at the video:

According to Business Insider, Sodexo, which is a global leader in the food business, is responsible for running the canteen and kitchen at OP Jindal University. However, they are functioning “without close circuit cameras in place to monitor hygiene standards.”

This has started a fresh batch of controversies in the university between students and the management. On the one hand, the students claim that this is not an isolated incident, that the drinking water is not clean enough and even some beds in the hostel are infested with bed bugs. Apparently, students who have complained about this on social media have been suspended.

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On the other hand, the management has labelled this as an “alleged” incident even though there is evidence recorded by the students. The management has released a statement for concerned parents stating that they have started taking necessary steps to rectify the issue. Even Sodexo responded by saying that they have a renewed plan in place that includes the installation of CCTV cameras inside the kitchen, use of technology for supervision and appropriate action against the accused employee.

What are your views on this incident?

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