“Siblings Are The Best” People Online Share The Disadvantages Of Being An Only Child

Isn’t it annoying when your sibling borrows your stuff without asking you first? Or when your parents scold you because of their mistake? Or when they fight with you for no reason at all? Well, while having a sibling can get quite exasperating at times, life without them would be no fun either. Honestly, having a sibling is truly a blessing. Don’t agree with me?

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Well, recently, someone on Reddit asked people the disadvantages of being an only child. From feeling lonely to not being able to communicate, many people online shared how the absence of a brother or sister affects their life. Have a look at all the drawbacks of not having a sibling.

1. It becomes harder to make friends

2. Can’t gossip about your parents

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3. No one at home to play with


5. You don’t learn much about sharing things with others 


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7. Lack of security 

8. Added pressure 

9. Gets lonely at times

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11. Going on dates is harder 

12. All responsibilities are on you 

I surely feel blessed to have a sister in my life after reading this. How about you? Do you have siblings? Tell us!


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