Online Store Owner Travels 850 KM Just To Beat Up A Customer For Bad Review

We all read customer reviews on any online shopping site, right? It gives us a better insight and how trustworthy the service is and of course, the quality of the products. More than the good reviews, we look for the bad ones, just to be sure of what we are getting ourselves.

For sellers, it’s a form of advertising. And, they try their level best to not earn a bad review. But, in a freakishly bizarre incident in China, the seller of an online store became really vengeful and travelled around 850 km to teach the customer who gave them a bad review a lesson.

On December 20, Xiao Die, the customer, bough clothes worth 300 yuan from Alibaba’s online store, Taobao. The clothes didn’t dispatch within three days, which prompted her to file of a complaint.

The result of the complaint was that the seller lost 12 points on the site rating. He threatened Die and sent her messages on similar lines.

On December 27, when Xiao was waiting at the pick-up point, Zhang came (after travelling 530 miles i.e. 850 km) to “teach her a lesson”. He started beating her. The incident got recorded in CCTV cameras, nearby.

She was “beaten into a concussion by the seller. She was hit in the face, body and pushed onto the floor by the man who claimed he had travelled a day and night to teach the woman a lesson.”

The woman is recovering now and according to Zhengzhou Evening Post, Zhang has been detained for 10 days by Erlitang Public Security Bureau police.

To what lengths can people go these days? This is alarming to the say the least and shocking in every bit.