Desi Parents Come Up With Fun ‘Bribes’ To Make Their Kids Attend Online Classes

I remember as a kid, I had the worst attention span. My mind was similar to Darsheel Safari’s in ‘Taare Zameen Par’ – I could go from solving a math problem to thinking about the children’s park within seconds!

Turns out, kids, in general, tend to have a short attention span. This is probably why many of them are unable to sit through their online classes, leaving parents worried. IPS Officer Monika Bhardwaj recently took to Twitter to ask for suggestions on how to get her kid to sit through online classes, reports News18.

While some parents came up with different ways to help kids sit through the classes, like using a larger screen, many suggested fun bribes – like candy or extra play-time! Have a look:

Representational Image

This makes me realise how parenting can be so difficult at times!

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