Online Bullying Drove This Promising 16-YO Queer Artist To Suicide, Just For Wearing A Saree

Social media can be supportive, encouraging, helpful and loving. But it can also be insensitive, hateful, vile and cruel – especially for people who are openly queer. When a queer person tries to express their authentic identity on social media, they are almost always on the receiving end of harassment, trolling and hate. Their comments section and DMs are filled with threats, slurs, and derogatory comments which can often drive them towards self-harm.

And that is what ended up happening to Pranshu, an openly queer makeup artist from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. They were 16 years old and a class 10 student. They died by suicide on November 21 after facing massive social media ridicule for posting a Diwali special video of themself wearing a saree. The video had gone viral.

The official social media account of ‘Yes, We Exist’, which shares news and stories related to the LGBTQ+ community and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, shared the terrible news online.

This is the video of Pranshu that went viral, for which they were harassed online:

The kind of comments that they were flooded with are downright cruel:

This is just a fraction of the hate they received online.

‘Yes, We Exist’ raised concerns regarding the kind of steps Meta is taking to fight social media bullying, especially of teenagers.

What a terrible loss!

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