With Onions Prices Soaring To ₹100 Per Kg, Twitter Gives It The Meme Treatment

Whether you shop for groceries or not, you should be concerned about the increasing prices of onion in the nation. People are literally stealing these expensive kitchen essentials. After all, no ‘desi’ dish is complete without our ‘pyaaz ka tadka’. To keep a lid on rising prices of onion which now cost up to Rs 100 per kg, the center has banned traders from stockpiling of the edible bulbs across the country, reports News18.

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According to TOI, onion prices have hit an all-time high due to unseasonal rains. The post-monsoon showers have destroyed several hectares of farmlands. With fewer truckloads of onions arriving at the wholesale yard, it has created a huge gap between demand and supply, leading to price hikes.

While households are trying to manage their way with the sky-rocketing price of the kitchen staple, many people have found creative ways to highlight their concern about ever-rising prices. Have a look:

Well, this is certainly not the first-time twitter has been sarcastic about the increasing prices of onions. We just hope that the New Year brings new and cheaper onions are way.

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