Man Rents Apartment For ₹ 1 Lakh Per Month for His Two Cats, It Also Has An Apple TV

People across the world are unhappy. They either are suffering through their jobs, or their relationships are falling apart, or they are too broke for a ‘Friyay’ night.

In the midst of all the madness that is this world, this man decided to rent an apartment, not for himself, but for his two cats!

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Local landlord David Callisch was surprised when he found himself renting an apartment behind his San Jose, California, home to Troy Good for his two cats – Tina and Louise, for $1500 (INR 1 Lakh approx).

“It’s quirky, isn’t it? I never planned for this to happen. People love their pets, they’re part of their family, so I wanted to help out my buddy.” – Callisch (landlord).

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According to sources, the cats belong to Troy’s daughter, who in turn has a fiancé with a dog. The cats and the dog were having a tough time getting along. So father Troy came up with a perfectly logical solution!

FYI, the studio is equipped with an Apple TV.

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Landlord Callish reveals how this has been a dream come true: “They can never screw up the electronics. They don’t drink, they don’t smoke, they don’t play loud music.”

“It’s actually great. They’re very quiet, obviously. The only problem is they stink up the place.” – Callish.

Would you do something like this for your cat?

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