Haryana Villagers Built A 1 Crore Bridge After Government Chose Not To Help Them

Taking an initiative to work for social issues is something very hard to find in our country. Especially if it is ignored by our Government. We tend to blame the government for anything that is not good for/in our society. Instead of that, how about we take the plunge to change things? And Haryana villagers have done just that.

Villagers in Haryana teamed up and collected Rs. 1 Crore to build a 250-feet-long and 40-feet-wide bridge over Ghaggar river.

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This is the map of Hayana showing Sirsa district, the place where this bridge was built by the villagers. The villagers wanted this bridge because they had many difficulties carrying their farm produce with them. So when the government did not intervene, they took this responsibility on their shoulders and collected Rs 1 Crore. With that money, they have successfully built the 250-feet-long and 4o-feet-wide bridge over Ghaggar river which connects Aleeka and Panihari villages to Sirsa district. This bridge will also enable them to get easier access to markets in Punjab.

The work started on April 2014 and it is near completion. The local saint, Mahant Brahm Dass, will inaugurate it.

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This bridge is near completion and there was a 25-member committee which was supervising the construction for this bridge. But, before starting their work, they had requested the government for funding. Alas, their pleas fell on deaf ears. “From Devi Lal to current chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, we had represented our case to all. Except for Sirsa MP Charanjit Singh Rori and former minister Gopal Kanda who contributed Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5.51 lakh respectively from their personal funds no one even bothered to look at us,” said Hardev Singh from Panihari village. He further said, “We have no place for politicians or bureaucrats in our list of invitees for the bridge’s inauguration.”

Initially, Aleeka and Panihari villages were keen to contribute. But seeing them work, a group of seven villages decided to work together for this.

This only goes on to prove that merely complaining about something is just not the solution. Sometimes, we have to work for ourselves to witness a change.

Well done Haryana! This initiative was superb. 🙂

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