The World’s Oldest Lingerie Model Is An 83-Year-Old And She’s Pure Fire

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Ageing is a major concern for most people. We’ve tied the thought of ageing with being demure and well-behaved. You’re expected to be wise and non-promiscuous, soft-spoken and modestly dressed, and all things ‘age-appropriate’. Basically, in a nutshell, boring. That’s not a very appealing future to head to.

But does it really need to be like that? Who says senior citizens can’t enjoy life in the same manner as in their youth? Why have we imposed these seemingly morbid rules on our older selves?

This 83-year-old woman is on a mission to shatter these perceptions and inspire both young and old while doing it.

Dorrie Jacobson from Las Vegas is the world’s oldest lingerie model. She says that she became one to prove that women in their 80’s can still be sexy.

Jackobson who wants to combat ageism, says:

“I love pretty lingerie. It makes me feel self confident and puts a little wiggle in my walk.”

The badass model is a fashion blogger as well. And she strongly believes that there should be more people in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s showing what ageing can actually look like.

She even has an Instagram page named Senior Style Bible and her pictures are the bomb! Check out some of them here:

1. S.W.A.G!

2. Yaaas Queen!

3. Ageless style!

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When society tells older women what they can and cannot wear, an unspoken fear begins to set in….the fear of looking ridiculous. So we stop wearing sexually provocative clothing because the media tells us that it isn’t “age appropriate” for older women to expose their bodies in any way. That we’re “past it” and therefore should cover up. So here I stand, playing shuffle board at a Las Vegas casino in my sexy lingerie, without a doubt….looking quite ridiculous…to make a point. I don’t care what other people think. I don’t care whether this sexy look is age appropriate or not! I feel great in it and so it’s appropriate for me. We have to stop letting invisible voices rob us of our self-confidence and take back our power by wearing whatever makes us feel beautiful…regardless of our age or body type. #agelessstyle #bodypositive #lingeriemodel #over50style #sexylingerie #bodypositivity #advancedstyle #seniorstylebible #83andglam

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4. She’s the Red Dancer emoji!

5. I aspire to have this level of confidence someday!

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This is part of a new lingerie series that I’m doing to promote body positivity and age diversity in fashion. I may be 83, but I still love lingerie. I am not giving into wearing old lady “granny panties.” As an older woman, I wear sexy lingerie because it makes me feel beautiful and I think I project that to the world. I decided to bare my imperfect, 80-something body because I think it’s important for women of all ages to know that “sexy” isn’t something that just suddenly expires. It’s time we stop listening to that message…and start writing a new, more inclusive definition of beauty. 📷 @jax854 #bodypositivity #agelessstyle #oldagebeauty #bodybeautiful #bodypositive #lingeriemodel #oldlady #lingerie #photoshoot #commonwealthlv #seniorstylebible

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6. Boss lady!

In a recent interview with BBC, Dorrie points out that times have changed. She says:

“We’re very different from what our grandmothers were. We are not sitting in a rocking chair and knitting. We’re out there running businesses, running marathons, online dating and even having sex.”

This bombshell of a senior citizen used to be a playboy bunny and is now one of the top fashion influencers over 60 in the world.

Even though she’s not happy about growing old, she says old age does not have to mean that you retire from life. She concludes the interview with an inspiring advice to have a good time before it all ends.

You can watch the entire interview here:

Meet the 'world's oldest' lingerie model

This 83-year-old lingerie model has a powerful message about ageing. Dorrie Jacobson is on a mission to inspire both old and young. Hear more: 📻

Posted by BBC World Service on Sunday, April 1, 2018


I think I’ve just found my favourite role model! In a time when every magazine cover contains airbrushed models who set unrealistic body image goals, Dorrie’s infectious energy and attitude towards life are refreshing! Old age doesn’t have to be so boring after all.

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