Guy Posts Parents’ Love Letter, Young People Gush About Older Generation Love Stories

I sometimes envy my parents’ generation. They truly did know how to do dating right! Coming from a generation which defines romance by right swipes and grand surprises, I think about how dating for older generations was more about small romantic gestures – like saving your day’s expenses just to buy a rose for your loved one, walking on the road holding hands and talking for an hour straight, or writing letters!

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People online were reminded of such classic gestures by one guy online who took to Twitter to post a picture of one letter which was written by his father for his mother 21 years ago. There is nothing super mushy about the letter – just some minor details and expressions of love in simple language – but it doesn’t fail to warm the heart.

Have a look at the letter here:

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Have a look at the guy’s tweet here:

And Twitter users were left gushing! Several couldn’t get over the fact that such love stories and gestures are VERY rare today. Others pointed out how technology ruined the scope for such classic love stories!

There is a certain charm about old generation love stories. There was an effort to keep the relationship going and love was hidden in the simplest things. Can we have that kind of love back?

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