Old Monk Owner Passes Away And Twitter Is Raising A Glass In His Memory

India’s very diverse and you would obviously know that. We’re a population of 1.2 billion+ and its increasing day by day. But correct me if I am wrong, there is one thing that has the power to unite Indians who enjoy drinking on those drinking nights. It’s the monk who doles out wisdom, one peg at a time – Old Monk.

It was a sad night yesterday, when we found out that the man behind the brand, Brigadier (retired) Kapil Mohan passed away due to a cardiac arrest at the age of 88.

And, Internet been mourning the Padma Shri awardee’s loss, weeping and missing him.

1. *raises a toast*

2. Old Monk = Bae!

3. It was sad, indeed.

4. Old Monk and the drinkers.

5. And, millions are remembering you.

6. Even I don’t like rum, but yeah, he’s the man who gave all something to love.

7. People got really emotional.

8. People are reminded of the taste and the bottles.

9. Nostalgia washed over many.

10. Like I said, it united Indians.

11. There are many who did that.

12. And, comparisons started.

13. Some felt the vacuum.

14. People cherished their OM memories.

15. Chota Old Mom is bae!

16. Broke millennial story.

17. The final salute.

OM fans are feeling the gush of emotions and are overwhelmed. They are raising their glasses to the man who gave us the ultimate drink.