Couple Follows The Same Valentine’s Day Tradition For 39 Years Even While Battling Dementia

Call me old school, but I’ve always wanted to have my own sweet little Valentine’s Day tradition. I do have one, with my best friend. We gift each other cute little things on V-day and we go out for dinners because we just need an excuse to celebrate our friendship. But you know, I want a tradition with my partner too.

But in a generation when you can get a boyfriend on rent, I guess I’d be asking for too much.

On the other hand, this Baby-boomer couple is giving me couple goals with their 39-year-old V-day tradition. Ron and Donna started dating a month before Valentine’s Day 1979. From that first year of celebrating, to this year, Ron gifts her favourite chocolates from Buffet’s Candy in the same box.

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In 1979, Ron knocked on a door and met his soulmate. She was dressed in a bathrobe and yet, he knew it was going to be her always. After they started dating, he asked her if she liked chocolates. He said,

“She says, ‘Yes! I like dark chocolate cremes and I like it from Buffet’s candy’”

It was a start of a tradition. The shop owner told him that if he saves the box, they will refill it the next year for Valentine’s day. This year is the 39th year that Ron gifted the same dark chocolate cremes in the same box from the same shop.

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Sadly, though, Donna was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. In August 2015, she had to be moved to a care facility due to her condition. Despite all of that, Ron still goes to give her the chocolates. He said,

“She’s going to forget – she’s going to forget who I am. So enjoy every minute you can have with them while they still remember you.”

The good news, however, is that Donna remembered! She knew who he was and that they’ve been married for so long.


Even in the face of old-age and Donna’s dementia, Ron’s love for her is undying. And tbh, that’s the sweetest tradition I have come across lately. Isn’t it adorable? Ron and Donna just proved that love has no age and true love really lasts for a lifetime.