13 Old Computer Games From Our Childhood We Miss A Lot

I never owned a gaming console but Alan Border’s cricket on my Windows 95 was my thing.

When I look back at them, the graphics don’t compare, the games were really slow as compared to the split second reaction times expected in today’s games.

But what lacked in snazzy graphics more than made up stories and gameplay and the first feels of simulating adventure on a computer. Here are some of the nostalgia-inducing video games from our childhood.

1. Wolfenstein 3D

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Remember getting lost on floors you have killed everyone? The dogs that attacked you, and the stupid elevators you had to take and the ammo count you had to keep an eye on?

FPS games didn’t get any better and brainy than this.


2. Aladdin

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Jumping over smoldering coals, dodging swords and getting as many apples as you can and the bonus gems you collected also made you so happy. It was a huge upgrade from the slow Prince of persia game.


3. Contra

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The first game we loved on the console because you could play it with your friend and blast through all the goddamn enemies of the state. The best thing about it? UNLIMITED AMMO.

And the feeling of being revolutionary heroes on a 8-bit chip.


4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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If Contra could be played by two players, TMNT could be played by 4! That’s when you begged your friends to come home with their game controllers and it was a blast.

Also, this was the first game where the game got increasingly difficult as it progressed to a point that you had to really play at your best.


5. Mortal Kombat

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This video game was the perfect game to beat the shit out of your siblings and friends. Who cares if you are not violent in real life? You could beat the opponent lifeless just by clicking buttons expertly.


6. Half Life

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This was the first time when I shot a machine gun in a computer and it felt so realistic. The real joy came in when you fired alien weapons and the way they were designed was a amazing for a game that was so immersive.

Plus, the game was completely worth the price tag because it was so long.


7. Virtua Cop 2

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Most of us played this game’s demo version, which was as good as the full version. Granted it was completely mouse-based and you could not move on your own accord, but it was so enjoyable nonetheless.


8. Quake

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More than the game itself, we loved playing this on network, and it was so much fun blasting your friends mid-air with explosive lasers and plasma cannons.

Also, remember jumping on the places that hurled you high up in the air? So good!


9. Street Fighter

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While Mortal Combat was a good fighting game, Street Fighter took the trophy because of the unique heroes you could choose to fight with. Every hero came with a unique power and people just loved Ryu godknowswhy.


10. Age of Empires

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Strategy games were completely alien to us in the age of Doom and Virtua Cop. Who knew that building armies and conquering other tribes and territories could be better than blowing your friend’s head off in Quake?


11. EA Cricket 99

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Alan Border’s cricket was good and all, but this was the first time we saw good 3D cricket players on a computer monitor. And who else remembers the hacks that made the bat huge and gave fielders butterfingers so that they could never catch the ball ever?


12. Road Rash

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This was the racing game with a crazy angle to it. Racing games are thrilling enough, but when you can kick, punch and hit the driver alongside you with a chain and a baseball bat – it just takes racing to a new level.

Also, look out for the oil and water patches!


13. Prince of Persia

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This game was such a pain in the ass. Although it looked simple, the game was difficult AF. One slip, and you had to start all over again.

You can download or play most of them online and relive your childhood.

In this age of crystal clear graphics and cutting edge gameplay, it is surprising that these games are still interesting despite the pixelated graphics and all.

Maybe it is the nostalgia.

Maybe they were really that good.

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