Odisha’s Puri Beach Covered With Pink Flowers As Winter Approaches, IFS Officer Shares Pics

Having grown up in Kolkata, one of the mandatory places I would visit with my family during term breaks was Puri, Odisha. Puri not just has energetic beaches but is most famous for its centuries-old Jagannath Temple. So, a typical day in Puri looked like this – visit the temple in the morning, head to the beach after having breakfast, splash amidst the violent waves, have lunch and rest a while, and then head to the main beach again to enjoy the evening meals, food stalls and shops.

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During the summers, Puri’s beaches are under the scorching heat and hence, to expect any flowers to grow on the beach would seem unrealistic. However, as winter approaches, some of Puri’s beaches get covered with these gorgeous pink flowers called ‘morning glory’. These flowers, found in shades of violet and pink, open up as the sun rises and closes its petals in the dark.

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As November is here, it is the best time for these morning glories to grow and so they have! IFS Officer Susanta Nanda took to Twitter to share pictures of Golden and Niladri beach in Puri covered with pink flowers.

What a gorgeous sight!

Have a look at the IFS Officer’s tweet here:

People online loved to see the beaches undergo this beautiful transformation. Here’s what some of them said:

Imagine having an evening picnic with your family and friends in a place like this. The best of nature indeed. 🙂

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