Odisha Man Travels 500 Km To Donate Blood To Ailing Woman Having Same Rare Blood Type

In a world where self-centeredness has blinded people to the perils of others, where many hinder more than they help to further, it is a relief to see good and caring hearts coming forward to stand by those in need.

According to a report by The Hindu, a man from Rourkela, Odisha, travelled 500 km to donate blood to a new mother whose life was in danger after delivery.

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A tribal woman from Mandasingi village in Patrapur block, Ganjam district, had given birth to a baby girl in MKCG Medical College and Hospital. The doctors had performed a C-section on her. However, after the surgery, her haemoglobin levels lowered severely and she was in desperate need of a blood transfusion.

Further tests revealed that her blood group was ‘Bombay A+ve’ which is extremely rare. Sources report that one out of every 2,50,000 persons in India belongs to this particular blood group.

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Dr Rashmita Panigrahy, who is in charge of the hospital’s blood bank, got in touch with blood banks from different states, but in vain. She then went a step further and took to social media to hunt down a donor belonging to the rare blood group.

Thankfully, she found a man from Rourkela named Dilip Barik through a Bhubaneshwar-based donors group on social media. He responded and readily agreed to travel the distance to donate blood to the ailing woman.

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After he reached the hospital, he donated his blood which was immediately used to treat the patient. Her condition was then stable.

What a beautiful world it would be if everyone could be as selfless as this man. Take a bow, Mr. Barik! May you inspire many more.

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