Now That The USA Has Elected Trump, UK Desperately Wants Obama To Become Their PM

Barack Obama has been one of the world’s most loved presidents. Quite a few Americans want Obama to run for a third consecutive term but this little thing known as the constitution prevents him from doing so. However, the constitution doesn’t say anything about running a different country!

British nationals have been petitioning for Obama to move to the UK and become their next Prime Minister! 

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Here are the tweets, or should I say desperate cries for help: 

1. Good idea!


2. Somebody, please find out!


3. It’s not even a request. It’s an order!


4. They really want him!


5. Okay, so this guy just want’s the speeches. 


6. A great thought!


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7. She’s determined!


8. King? I don’t know how her Highness might feel about that!


9. Not just Obama, she wants all the other cool Americans too!


10. Go on Obama, they’ve got some great tea!


11. She doesn’t even care which Obama it is!


12. So Obama, would you like to go ‘sort them out’?

Nobody predicted a Brexit neither did they expect Trump. Now, I really don’t believe Obama would EVER go to the UK and stand for election to become the prime minister and win!

*fingers crossed*

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