Obama Can Cook Daal And Finds Chapatis ‘Hard’ And We’ve Got Another Reason To Love Him!

Barack Obama is perhaps the most inspirational man to grace the world. Not only is he a phenomenal and empathetic leader who is respected all over the globe, but he possesses a perfect sense of humour along with a charming personality that lends an unmatchable aura to him.

The sense of humour of the former POTUS came into play once again when he divulged that he interrupted his waiter who was trying to tell him how daal was made and told him that he already knew how to make the staple food of the Indian household.

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As reported by NDTV, Obama was speaking at the HT Leadership Summit when during a question-answer session with Karan Thapar, he disclosed that he had learnt to make the dish when he was bunking with his Indian roommate as a student. This revelation had the audience roaring with laughter.

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He also confessed that besides the daal he can cook some other dishes too. He said,

“My keema is also good, and my chicken is OK.”

I guess he said that just to make us feel better!

However, Obama struggles with the same dish we struggle with, that is, chapati. When asked by Karan Thapar whether he can make chapati, he confessed something we can all relate with and said,

“But I can’t make chapatis. Too difficult. Hard to get it all right and flaky.”

Guess when it comes to the roti, only pros have the skills all figured out!

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