NZ PM Was Asked To List Her Government’s Achievements In 2-Min, So She Did! Watch Video


In the world of male-dominated politics, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made her mark in world leadership with her skillful administration. If stats are to be believed, just 5% of the world leaders are women and Jacinda is one of the most powerful and inspiring women leaders among them.

From setting an example of women empowerment by taking her baby to work to impressively handling the horrifying situations in the country after the terrorist attack, Jacinda’s tales of acing at her work are plenty.

Ardern recently completed her two years in the office, following which she was given a challenge by her team to list down all her achievements in a two-minute video. Calling it “a wee challenge” the PM took the challenge like a sport and listed her remarkable achievements in a video posted on Facebook. Also, she took an extra 56 seconds to narrate a ‘few key headlines’ for the people.


In the video, Ardern said, “We’ve created 92,000 jobs. We’ve built more than 2,200 statehouses. We have banned offshore speculators. We’ve planted 140 million trees. We’ve got better cancer care through radiation machines, pharmacy funding and created essential cancer agency,”

“We’ve delivered cheaper doctor visits. We are building more classrooms in schools for 100,000 students. We’ve hired 2000 more doctors and students. We’ve boosted incomes for 3, 84,000 families,” she added.

To mark two years in Government, I was issued a wee challenge…

Posted by Jacinda Ardern on Friday, November 1, 2019

The video went viral within no time with people heaping praise on the hard-working Prime Minister.


What a super spectacular list of achievements that is! Kudos to the powerful world leader!

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