Nurse Gets Slammed For Allegedly Mocking Patients’ Suffering In A TikTok Video

The internet has all kinds of people, uploading all kinds of content. Some show us their funny side to keep us entertained, while others showcase their creativity. But it’s all fun and games until someone’s humour mocks others. This nurse was accused of mocking the patient’s trauma with her satirical video and ended up being schooled by people.

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A user named Danyelle Rose uploaded a controversial TikTok video on Twitter. In the video, she is seen dressed as a patient in a hospital gown and simultaneously, as a nurse. The gowned Rose, depicting the patient, tries to gasp for breath. In the next shot, dressed as a nurse, she is seen shaking-a-leg to the sounds of the patient while she continues to pretend to be struggling with her breathing. The video is also shot in a hospital-like setup. She captioned the video, “We know when y’all are faking.” Sources revealed that Rose is a health care provider in real life.

In no time, the video went viral but for all the wrong reasons. People were appalled by her video and accused her of mocking the sufferings of a patient.

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Some also shared their ordeal of how they were brushed off by medical professionals thinking their problems weren’t ‘that serious’.

Some people also thought otherwise.

Some people also thought that the video that was intended as a joke and merely for entertainment was trolled out of context. What are your opinions on the video? Tell us.

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