Nurse Kills Over 100 Patients Out Of ‘Boredom’ And We Have Lost Complete Faith In Humanity

Becoming doctors and nurses are supposed to be one of the noblest professions known to man. You dedicate yourself and your life to saving the lives of countless others. And it is a true gift you are bestowing on humanity.

However, in a horrific incident, a German nurse, Niels Högel used lethal drugs on patients to murder them out of “boredom”. He is responsible for the deaths of 106 people and the toll could be even higher.

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According to Express, Niels Högel was already sentenced to life in imprisonment after he confessed to murdering two patients.

The serial killer worked at two hospitals where he allegedly killed 38 patients in the first and 62 in the second one. He gave the patients overdoses of drugs before trying to resuscitate them so that he could play the hero.

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He was said to have felt exhilarated when he was successful in the resurrection and felt ruined when he failed.

When he was questioned about the murders by the police, he was stoic and expressionless in his response. He bragged sadistically saying that he “stopped counting after 50”. The presiding judge at his conviction said,

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“The victims were play figures for him in a game in which only he could win and the others could lose everything.”

The nurse reportedly struggled with depression and anxiety. He even developed a love for drugs and alcohol during his medical career.

This is making us question the blind faith we have on doctors and nurses. Maybe the people responsible for saving lives should themselves be forced to take regular mental and physical health check-ups. Serial killers and sociopaths are terrifying and all we can do is send our love and wishes to the victims’ families.

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