Novak Djokovic Argues With Fan, Warns, “I’ll Come Find You”, Later Thanks Him For Motivation!

Sports fans are as serious about the game that they love as the sportsmen battling it out on the field! In the furor and excitement of the game, at times, fans end up ardently gunning for the opposing team. And World’s No. 1 tennis star Novak Djokovic knows all too well how to convert trolls into motivation.

During 2019, Wimbledon championship, the world champion said he heard
‘Novak’ instead of ‘Roger’ when the crowd was cheering for fan favorite Roger Federer.

Now, the defending champion is currently fighting it out to maintain his rank at the U.S Open 2019. Novak got into a tiff with a fan at a warm-up match where he had arrived two hours late. In a heated argument, Novak can be heard saying, “Trust me, I’ll come to find you.”

The video of Novak’s confrontation with the fan also went viral on social media.

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Nevertheless, he successfully booked his spot in the pre-quarters of the championship and thanked the fan for unknowingly motivating him.

When asked about the tiff, Novak said that it was ‘just a chat’ with him, reports Indian Express. He, however, justified his statement ‘I’ll come to find you’ and said,

“To have a drink. I liked the guy. I’m going to buy him a drink. We’ll keep it between us. But he definitely helped me. He doesn’t even know, but he did help me.”

“As I said, I’m not going to talk about it. I think he did me a favor. Even maybe he didn’t want to do me a favor, he did me a favor, big favor,” he added. “Night sessions, New York, the crowd gets into it. A couple of guys that had a couple of drinks more than I guess they were supposed to. But it was all good after,” Novak said.

We really hope they have a drink together though! What are your thoughts on the entire scene?

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