UP Car Owner Served E-Challan For Not Wearing A Helmet, Now He’s Wearing One Inside His Car

The amendments of the Motor Vehicles Act have come into effect and traffic police all over the country are cracking down on rule violators by serving them court challans. We’ve already heard cases of a scooty rider being fined Rs. 23,000 and a truck driver being penalised for Rs.80,000.

Piyush Varshney, a car owner in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh however, was surprisingly served an e-challan of Rs. 500 on August 27 for ‘not wearing a helmet’.

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According to him the challan clearly states his car number and reason for the penalty imposed. Now, he is wearing a helmet inside his four-wheeler as a sign of protest.

The Economic Times quoted him saying, “I received an e-challan that I had not worn a helmet inside the car and due to that fear I am wearing a helmet since then. The car is on my father’s name, but he was not in the condition to come so I am travelling in the car wearing a helmet.”

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When questioned by reporters, the authorities said that it was most likely a mistake and would be rectified after verification. Business Standard quoted ASP (Traffic), Azizul Haque saying,

“We got a complaint from a man who said that he got an e-challan for not wearing a helmet and there was the number of his car on the challan. We are verifying the challan.”

“Several times mistakes were found due to wrong feeding of data. We can verify the challan and will cancel it if we found it wrong.”

We hope that such cases do not repeat in the future and only actual offenders are fined for flouting traffic rules.