14 Perks Of Not Being A Party Person

A hot, new club has opened in your city and there is a long queue of people waiting outside, dying to get inside. And you are one of those people who won’t even consider going to the club to understand what the buzz is all about, because you don’t like to party. This post is for those people who prefer to eat out with friends, have a movie marathon on weekends, or curl up on the sofa with a nice book in hand, instead of going partying.

 1. You can easily win an argument over not partying, when someone is being judgemental

2. You have amazing conversations with your friends which you actually remember later on

Remember when…? 🙂

3. You don’t have to worry about driving home safely after a night out with your friends

Or have one friend to stay sane and sober so that person can drive you back home. Instead, all of you sing songs when you are going out in your car.

4. No alcohol and no partying equals no hangover

So you don’t have to spend the same amount of time you spent partying, throwing up in the bathroom.

5. People assume you are boring, but you really don’t care

Eh. Whatever.

6. You don’t have to subject your eyes to torture with people grinding against each other at parties


7. After a long week of working, you relax with a nice book and a steaming cup of coffee

The best feeling EVER!

8. You happily catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows

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Or have a marathon of F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes!

9. You try out different restaurants and cuisines when you go out

To live to eat, or to eat to live?

10. Instead of spending your weekends in dark, flashing clubs, you go out for long drives and ice cream

Long drives + friends + songs = Happiness

Oh and let’s not forget ice cream. Chocolate, of course.

11. You love to dance, but not with sweaty, drunk people swaying all around you

12. When people are busy nursing their hangover, you are preparing for another day of fun

So what do you want to do? Go for an early morning walk and enjoy a beautiful sunrise? Go watch a movie? Have lunch at some outdoorsy place? Done.

13. You save a lot of money

14. You don’t care what other people think, because you are busy laughing at the joke your best friend just cracked

So no matter if you are the odd-one-out among people who love to party, you are happy with your life!

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