12-Year-Old’s Powerful Rant To PM Modi Urges To Include The History Of Northeast In Textbooks

A 12-year-old Girl, Aaira Goswami, a native of Assam, has urged PM Modi to include the history of Northeast in the school curriculum. This little girl goes on to talk about how she knows about the history of the Maurya’s, the Mughal’s and the Gupta’s, but has no clue about the history of her own state. History is her favourite subject and this thoughtful girl has a valid point. Assam has seen a great kingdom of Ahom who ruled Assam for nearly 600 years and defeated the Mughals 17 times but we rarely read about their glory in the history textbooks.

She says “some students don’t even know what the seven sisters are.”

PM Modi should be very proud of this bright, young girl who is interested in history and is taking efforts to appeal to the PM to make Northeast a part of the history textbooks. Northeast is a part of India, now we need to make it a part of our curriculum too! Kudos, to this young lady!

Watch the video  (uploaded by Shilpi Bhuyan)  of this young lady’s sweet and thoughtful appeal here.