North Korea Has Issued ‘Shoot On Sight’ Orders To Prevent COVID Outbreak


North Korea is known for carrying out bizarre orders whether it is confiscating pet dogs and allegedly selling them to restaurants as meat, or using dead prisoners as fertilizer and giving those vegetables to guards. A new report has surfaced which will convince you that 2020 just wants us to suffer.

As per a report in India Today, North Korean authorities have issued ‘shoot-to-kill’ orders to prevent coronavirus from entering the country through China borders, claims the commander of the US forces in the South.

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TOI reports that Robert Abrams who is the US Forces Korea (USFK) commander revealed about North Korea’s new “buffer zone, one or two kilometers up on the Chinese border,” in an online conference organized by Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He continued, “They’ve got North Korean SOF (Special Operations Forces) out there. … Strike forces, they’ve got shoot-to-kill orders in place.”

He also added, “The regime right now — the military — is focused principally on getting their country recovered and to help mitigate the risk of Covid-19. We’re not seeing any indications right now of any sort of lashing out.” Reports suggest that while North Korea has not confirmed any cases of COVID-19 yet, but their health system might not be able to cope with a major outbreak.

Pyongyang has closed its borders with China since the month of January in order to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak and control the spread of any contamination. Robert Adams adds that the border closure had “accelerated the effects” of economic sanctions imposed on the North for its nuclear programs, along with imports from China plunging 85 percent.

Here are some of the reactions people had on Twitter:-

North Korea is yet to officially release its statement on the issue. But what do you think about this new order? Tell us!

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