Meet Noor Jahan, The Woman Who Was Praised By Narendra Modi In His Latest ‘Mann Ki Baat’

PM Modi, in his recent edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat‘, mentioned about a woman in UP – Noor Jahan and made people curious to know more about the woman who made her way into the PM’s radio show.

Meet Noor Jahan, the ‘Solar Lady’ of Kanpur, UP, who is fulfilling the PM’s dream of running the nation on Solar Energy. She has installed a plant of solar lanterns and at a mere Rs. 100 per month, anybody can take these lanterns, use them throughout the night, and return it to her in the morning to recharge it as shown in this video shared by¬†Zee News.

She had started a committee 3 years back, with solar lantern charging centers that light up 500 houses in the village and brightens them up, even at nights.

Kudos to you Noor Jahan. You’re not just lighting up homes, you’re changing lives.