This Comic’s Explanation For Why Vegetarians Hate Non-Vegetarians Will Resonate With Us All

I’m a non-vegetarian myself. I hate to admit but we’re never fair to our vegetarian friends when we go out. Being non-vegetarians, our set of ‘consumable foods’ is far greater than the vegetarians. In fact, their entire meal is just our garnish. And when the bill comes, despite the stark difference in the individual value of dish ordered and the sheer amount of food consumed, we split it equally. *evil grin*

Nishant Tanwar, in his new stand-up clip, goes off on an epic rant about the grave unfairness with which we treat vegetarians like him. He also goes on to talk about people who drink and how the ‘bechare’ non-drinkers like himself bear the unnecessary burden of the liquor bill. All of what he says is totally on point and freakin’ hilarious!

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