Noida Guys Found Stuck In Lift Holding Plates Of Chole Bhature Because ‘Priorities’

Picture this: a North Indian proposing to a plate of chole bhature with a “Will you be my forever snack?”

That’s the level of commitment they have towards the dish. The only debate on their dinner table isn’t about whether to love it or not. It’s more like, “Should we have chole bhature for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all of the above?”

For some people, chole bhature is their go-to comfort food. For others, it is their lifeline. It is their life. It’s not just food – it’s a spicy love affair that North Indians are totally unapologetic about.

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Here’s an example. According to Moneycontrol, a few guys residing in Greater Noida were found stuck inside a lift holding plates of chole bhature. The elevator was apparently stuck for 30 minutes. There were three guys inside the lift who pressed the elevator’s emergency button but in vain. So they called up their neighbours seeking help.

When word spread, people came to help them. However, they were left amused when plates of chole bhature exited the lift first and then the occupants!

Here’s a look at a video capturing the incident:


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And people online were like, “Priorities!”

Yep. Chole Bhature for life.

This is just hilarious! ūüėõ

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