After Girl Gets Caught With Boyfriend In Bedroom By Father, They Push Him Off The Balcony

It is no news that papers today are filled with horror stories that otherwise may seem unreal. News about crimes and atrocities that are nightmarish and deserve no place in a civilised society. But, as ghastly as they may appear, we need to know to know them.

In fact, closing eyes on them or thinking ‘It didn’t happen’ to me’ is a greater disservice than failing to fetch justice for the victims. So, here I am today, to tell you another story of horror that will send a chill down your spine.

According to Times of India, a 48-year-old man in Noida fell to his death on Sunday morning from the third-floor balcony of his house. 

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But the worse part is, he was allegedly pushed by his own daughter and her lover after they got into a fight. The tiff reportedly began when he found the boyfriend in his daughter’s room at 4 o’ clock in the wee hours. 

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The man identified as Vishwanath Sahu reportedly, first started scolding the duo and then got into a physical fight with BF named, Dharmendra. His daughter jumped into the fight to save her 27-year-old lover and the two beat up Vishwanath, leading to the fall, said the family.

In fact, Vishwanath’s son Sanjay, expressing his angst told TOI of his sister’s involvement. 

“My father was pushed from the balcony of the third floor of the building and he fell into the space between our building and the one right next. My sister and Dharmendra immediately fled the spot.

We suspect her involvement too because even she did not stay back to check my father’s condition.”

It was the screams of Vishwanath that woke up his wife, Gayatri. She immediately took her husband to the district hospital in Sector 30 from where he was referred to Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital.

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Sanjay added, 

“Doctors told us there was only 5% chance of his survival as he had a serious injury leading to clotting of blood in the head. He passed away around 2.30 pm.”

Now, while the police have arrested the daughter, her lover is on the run. A search operation has been launched against him. Yes, such are the times we live in!

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