TN Villagers Turn Off Streetlights For 35 Days To Protect Mama Bird & Hatchlings In Switchboard


Since the lockdown began, we’ve been spending a lot of time in our balconies. And one of its perks is the winged guests that stop by (parrots, house sparrows, and pigeons). Many of us have installed bird feeders and water stations for them but Pothakudi village in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu went above and beyond to ensure the safety of a mama bird and its chicks.

According to The Times of India, a student named A.Karuppuraja noticed an Indian Robbin building a nest in the village switchboard which powered all the streetlights. He was quoted saying, “When the lockdown began, I saw a bird filling the box with straw and leaves. When I looked into it, I could see three small greenish-blue eggs with spots.’’


He and his friends teamed up and decided to protect the nest. They went to each family and requested that the streetlights be turned off until the eggs hatched. A local was quoted saying,

“Some readily agreed. Others called it stupid to switch off lights for a small bird. But we managed to convince everyone and the entire village has gone without streetlights for 35 days now.’’

The entire village has been making do with flashlights and mobile phones to see in the dark. They added, “We will clean the box and restore power after the winged visitors leave.’’

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Thank you, Pothakudi, for restoring our faith in humanity. You inspire us all.

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