20 Pictures Of Pantless People Celebrating ‘No Pants Day’ Will Make You Throw Off Yours!

The world is a crazy place and home to even crazier things, that didn’t exist decades ago! However, amidst all the chaos and insanity, there are trends that rule the Twitterverse and absurd, is an understatement.

However, there are also hashtags that make you feel so many things, entertained at the least. Ruffling through one such hashtag, are pictures that will make you shiver in the eeriness of the Winters!

Dozens of people, over the world, including New York, Berlin, London and Prague, celebrated #NoPantsDay, riding subways, missing trousers and breaking the monotony of daily lives. What started as a small gig in 2002 with just seven participants on New York City subway trains, the No Pants ride is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the pictures!

1. Told you it was not a drill!


2. Line for the rail gaadi


3. Stripes and stars!


4. ‘can we drop the phones, now?’



5. Better!


6. YESSSSsssssss…


7. Ditching monochrome for rainbow!


8. ‘Meeooowwwww’



9. Nobody said anything about no sassing it up!


10. Taking the spirit to work!


11. Gotcha!


12. The luckiest generation ever?


13. Now, I have seen everything! 


14. Gotta do, what you gonna do!

2017 No Pants Subway Ride #ricohgr2 #nopantssubwayride

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15. You’re not the only one my friend!


16. Ah, the professionalism stuns me!

#npsr #nopantssubwayride #improvevery

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17. Some Cosplay’ed it up too!

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18. Oh, it certainly is!


19. A big shout-out to this dare-devils!


20. Throwing it off, in style!

Dares are always a sport, but weren’t these people cold?!