Woman Lists ‘No Means No’ & 14 Other Phrases To Help People Understand Consent


Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu starrer ‘Pink’ significantly contributed to the conversation surrounding consent during physical intimacy. The message was loud and clear – no means no. However, there are plenty of instances where a solid “No” might not have been uttered but other signals might have been given. And those are valid too.

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In a bid to help people recognise the discomfort of a person during intimacy and to understand consent better, one woman took to Twitter to list the various things someone might say during a private moment that means the same as “No”. Have a look at the list here:

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People online found this thread necessary and relatable. Many expressed how they wish they knew this earlier. A few others added to the list.

So the next time you hear your partner say any of the above, you’ll know what it means. We need to be more mindful about the other person’s comfort.

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