15 Struggles Of A Person Who Doesn’t Drink Tea Or Coffee


When people ask you, “What do you want, tea or coffee?” and you simply say, “No thank you, I don’t drink either”. Things don’t end there. People in our country end up giving you the most horrendously dramatic expressions. You question yourself about all the wrongs you’ve done lately to deserve those expressions.

If you are one of those who is not into tea or coffee, then you will definitely relate to the following points.

 1. When you visit someone for the first time and they ask for your preference, tea or coffee?

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 ‘No thanks, I don’t drink tea or coffee’. *Haaw* *Haaw* *Haaw*


 2. People ask, “Since you don’t drink tea or coffee, how much money do you save every month?”

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 I don’t do that to save money! WTF


 3. When you visit a relative’s or a friend’s place you feel embarrassed to directly ask for breakfast and skip the tea/coffee session

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 I feel really hungry in the mornings and no, tea or coffee doesn’t help.


 4. When you have guests over, you often forget to offer them tea or coffee

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 Since I don’t drink, I always forget to offer. Sorry!


 5. You absolutely hate it when people gift you coffee mugs

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 What do I do with so many coffee mugs?


6. When an unexpected guest shows up and asks for tea or coffee, the first thought in your mind is, “I hope there is some tea or coffee in the house!”

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 I usually forget to keep a tab on tea and coffee jars.


 7. Speaking of jars, there are no dedicated tea and coffee jars in the house. When people see that in your kitchen they go crazy and give you grief

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 My house. My rules.


 8. You’re sick and tired of answering this question, “If not tea and coffee, then what? Hard drinks?”

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 Yeah right! Like that is the only thing left in the world.


 9. You don’t know a lot about the different brands and flavors of coffee and tea, so you never prefer a coffee shop to chill at

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 I am indifferent to coffee/tea shops. There are other cool places too, you see. 😉


 10. You only want tea/coffee to dip biscuits and rusk, once you’re done eating the biggest question pops up, “What to do with the leftover tea/coffee?”

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 Search for someone who wants to drink the remaining tea/coffee.


 11. When you come across fancy coffee mugs and teapots you’re absolutely tempted to buy them. But then again what will you do with them?

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 That question instantly starts dominating your thoughts of buying coffee mugs!


 12. In the office, people often ask why do you need tea or coffee breaks?

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 Okay then, I will have water and pee breaks!


13. When you’re out on a date, you try really hard to enjoy a fancy cup of coffee/tea

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 Always end up wondering why are people addicted to this!


 14. When you make tea or coffee for others, surprisingly they always appreciate the taste and style of making it

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 *Blush* I was born awesome.


 15. For a change when you show the desire to have tea or coffee, people immediately ask, “Is your health okay?”

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 Do I need to feel sick to have tea or coffee? I can be tempted to have that for a change, you know.

This is an absolute true story of every person who is not into tea or coffee.

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