Modi Govt. Bans Gifting Bouquets. Here’s What Can Be Used To Welcome The PM Instead.

We all know by now that our Prime Minister believes in on-field work. As a result, he travels a lot both within and outside the country. Hence, there’s a lot of ‘meet and greet’ and lot of gifts. 9/10 times, our PM is welcomed with a bouquet of flowers wherever he goes. But looks like that’s gonna change now.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued instructions to stop using bouquets during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tours within India. The instruction which has been issued across all the states and union territories said,

“No bouquet may be presented to the PM during his tours within India.”


But, there were also a few options suggested as to what else can be used instead of bouquets to greet PM Modi. A flower along with a Khadi handkerchief or a book can be used to welcome him. PM Modi said,

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“I appeal to people to give a book instead of a bouquet as a greeting. Such a move can make a big difference. There can be no joy greater than reading & no strength greater than knowledge.”


PM Modi’s appeal caught MP Shashi Tharoor’s eye who whole heartedly agreed with him.


In his last Mann Ki Baat, which was broadcasted on 25th June, PM Modi had urged people to stop exchanging bouquets and promote the exchange of khadi and other made in India products. He got the idea of gifting books from Kerala. He mentioned,

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“I had the opportunity to go for the inaugural function, where I was told that instead of bouquets, they gift books. I liked it.”


PM Modi had set the tradition of exchanging Khadi handkerchiefs or books in Gujarat. He spoke about it saying,

“When I was in Gujarat, I had set this tradition of welcoming, by not giving bouquets, but books or handkerchiefs instead. And that too, a ‘Khadi’ handkerchief, so that it promotes ‘Khadi’. Till the time I was in Gujarat, this habit had been ingrained in us, but after coming here, I had lost that habit. When I went to Kerala, it was rekindled.”


PM Modi elaborated on the fact that how the life of a bouquet is very short lived. It is decorated and then discarded after some time. Whereas, a book not only becomes the part of a household but adds so much meaning to the whole action. He also said,

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“One can also use a ‘Khadi’ handkerchief to welcome people, and be a support to the innumerable underprivileged. The expenses are reduced as well, and the gift is well utilized too.”

It’s definitely a very interesting and thoughtful proposal. Any book you gift to PM Modi will become a part of his life. That way, we can share ideologies, thoughts and so much more with not only him but many more people.

News Source: Financial Express

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