“Let LGBT Adults Express Their Love Freely,” Nitish Bharadwaj On Legalizing Gay Marriage


The Delhi High Court recently scheduled a hearing on January 8, 2021, involving petitions seeking the legalization of same-sex marriages under the Special Marriage Act of 1954. ‘Mahabharat’ actor Nitish Bharadwaj shared a Facebook post in support of the LGBTQIA community saying that they certainly deserve equality and equal opportunities.

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The Times of India quoted him saying,

“I feel that since the Hon’ble Supreme Court has already said that consensual sex between same-sex couples is not a crime, it should also give permission for two adults of the same sex to marry each other. A marriage is a bond between two people that demands care, concern, love, companionship and commitment to each other. And, these days it is important for two individuals to keep a marriage going, otherwise, there is an alarming divorce rate in metro cities of the world.”

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with value system, talent, skillset, being good/bad, cultured/uncultured or…

Posted by Nitish Bharadwaj on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

He added, “If two individuals of the same sex are willing to give that commitment, bonding and love to marriage, why not? There are also so many orphans in the country, so if they want to, they can even think of adoption. The LGBTQIA community should not be denied their desire to marry and reinforce family values. Let them also enjoy a family system, which is at the moment enjoyed by heterosexual couples.”

“Individuals should be able to express themselves freely without any guilt. Let everyone express their love freely and get married legally if they wish to. We should give the adults their freedom of expression, not the guilt. Let them focus on their skills and careers and realize their goals. Why should they not be treated as equals because of their sexual orientation.”

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When I expressed my views about supporting #samesexmarriages, many of my online family agreed but some disagreed. This…

Posted by Nitish Bharadwaj on Thursday, October 15, 2020

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