Brave Girls From NIT Srinagar Marched With A Tricolor Despite Rape And Murder Threats

Over the last week, the NIT Srinagar campus has seen a massive escalation when almost a riot like situation broke out among local and non-local students over cricket match.

For those who are unaware of the situation in NIT Srinagar, a serious altercation broke out between the local and non local students as the latter protested the celebration of the Indian cricket team’s loss against West Indies by the local students on March 31. What followed was the intervention of police who had brutalized students trying to hoist the tri-color and interact with the media waiting outside.

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Here’s a video of NIT Srinagar students, mostly girls, who in spite of being threatened rape and murder marching on in protest with the tri-color in their hands.

Non-Kashmiri girls of NIT Srinagar have been allegedly threatened of rape and murder by Kashmiri students who have walked up to them trying to intimidate saying, ek ke saath rape hoga toh sab thandey pad jaoge (if one is raped, the rest of you will fall silent)”. 

Here’s hoping the brave gesture of the NIT Srinagar girl students does not go unnoticed by the nation.