Karan Mehra Claims Nisha Rawal Is Having An Affair With Her ‘Brother’ Who Did Her ‘Kanyadaan’

Back in 2021, TV actor Nisha Rawal sent shockwaves to the industry when she leveled some serious allegations against her then-husband, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ actor Karan Mehra.


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And since then, the couple has been making headlines by revealing shocking details. They both said that they were abused by each other. While Karan said he was unable to meet his son after things got messy between Nisha and him, Nisha alleged that Karan didn’t even call their son.


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Earlier this year, Karan accused Nisha of infidelity. And yet again, he has spoken about his estranged wife’s extra-marital affair. Karan recently conducted a press conference and said that Nisha’s been living with another man, who is apparently her ‘muh-bola’ bhai, in his 4BHK apartment, reported The Indian Express.

He went on to say that she has also physically assaulted him with the help of other people and even compromised his image on Kangana Ranaut’s reality TV show ‘Lock Upp’.

“Nisha is staying with another man in my house, we have produced the proofs in the court and that is why I am talking here today. Nisha Rawal, who isn’t divorced yet, is having an extramarital affair. Rohit Sathia is her ‘munh-bole bhai’ of 14 years, who also did her ‘kanyadaan’.”

“I didn’t have proof back then, that’s why I didn’t say anything,” the 39-year-old actor said at a press conference.

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He also accused Nisha’s alleged boyfriend Rohit Sethia of physically assaulting him.

“He physically assaulted me under the pretext of being Nisha’s brother, and on the very same night, they both threatened that they will shoot me and my family.” 

Karan added that Rohit is a ‘chain smoker, consumes alcohol, gutka paan’ and is living with Nisha and Karan’s son Kavish.

“He is staying at my house with Nisha and my little son is present in the same house, which is morally questionable on many levels. I never did this and as a father what can I do? That’s the reason I am fighting for the custody of my child.”

“That’s the reason I am fighting for the custody of my child. I have no access to my child. Rohit’s daughter ties rakhi to Kavish. Everyone (relatives) knows this and these two kids are involved, what will we tell them? I am fighting for the truth, I will go for it,” he added.


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Moreover, Karan said that Nisha has been living in his house and using his resources to fight the case against him.

“Nisha has been portraying an image of a single mother, doing all alone but she is living in my 4.5 BHK, she has my business and is taking my money and fighting the case. My documents, money, laptop, everything is in that house.. how will you prove your innocence? It’s not easy. I’m not allowed to go to my own house. I was just given five pairs of clothes in one suitcase, and I roamed in it for nearly 5 months.”

Their domestic problem has today become a topic of public discussion. We hope they resolve this issue smoothly.

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