Girl’s Mom Finds Out About Her Nipple Piercings From An X-Ray, Twitter Feels Sorry For Her

See, here’s the thing. You should never hide things from your doctor. Here’s another thing. Moms always find out whatever you’re hiding. And do, between these two things, none of your secrets are safe, as this one girl recently found out!

21-year-old Sydney, a resident of Clearwater, Florida, shared an X-ray of her chest on Twitter and revealed how her recent visit to the hospital outed a huge secret of hers to her mom—her nipple piercings!

Wow. Tough luck, Sydney.

We’ve all heard of a lot of instances where hidden tattoos, hickeys, suspicious scars and so on have somehow been discovered by our shrewd mothers! There’s no escaping them. But this was clearly the x-ray’s fault here, right?

The tweet rather unpredictably went viral, and people had a lot of legit questions!

They needed all the facts before they could decided if it was okay to hate on the x-ray and the doctors! Just kidding.

Someone confused an MRI with an X-ray and wondered why she didn’t remove her piercings before getting the x-ray.

That’s an MRI, folks, where you have to remove any metals on your body so they don’t get pulled by the magnetic force of the machine.

For those wondering why she needed to get an x-ray in the first place….

The usual “Did it hurt?” question.

Mental note: Make sure to get a good piercer to do the job!

Several peopel empathised with Sydney’s situation and revealed how their moms too had found out about their clandestine piercings in a similar fashion.

This genius reply!

Some confessed that they live in constant fear of their mothers finding out about their own piercings!

Let this be a cautionary tale!

The general agreement was, of course, that this whole way of finding out was rather hilarious!

There was also this one dude trying to mock wrangle boob pics out of the situation!

If you’re wondering how did Sydney’s mom react to the ‘piercings’, well, they had the “we need to talk” talk soon after. And now, eventually she has accepted it!

Chalo, all’s well that ends well! But remember the moral of this story, okay? Just don’t take your mom along for X-rays!