She’s 9 Months Pregnant And The Internet Cannot Believe It

“We’re expecting!” Oh, there’s such a warm, fuzzy feeling bundled in those words that people can’t help but, ‘aww’ over. And, for any mom-to-be, those months of carrying a mini-her in her womb are exhilarating and extra-special. Documenting the special moments is something every parent-to-be does and we simply can’t help but gush over those moments that float on social media.

One such Twitter user, Emma McVey took the Internet by storm with her pregnancy news. The 25-year-old lingerie model, who is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Gaz Beadle (Geordie Shore cast member).

She recently posted a picture of her cutesy baby-bump and Internet cannot handle it.


Netizens are in disbelief and were wondering, How?

1. Yeah, there is.

2. True. But then there was a woman who had 6-pack-abs and was 6 months pregnant.

3. Most of them had this query.

4. And, this too.

5. Ladies shared their 9-months pregnant pictures.

Some even flaunted their humourous side.

6. They started with their me after jokes.

Some people who are science ke taraf se shared how it’s possible to be pregnant with minimal or no baby bump at all.

But Emma looks absolutely stunning and is expecting her baby, any minute. We’re sure once the baby is born, the same Tweeple will be showering oodles of love upon her and the baby.