10 Cities Of The World Shot In Darkness To Show The Beauty Of Night Sky

Stargazing has become an adventure activity now. People pack their bags, go camping and lie down in the middle of a forest to gaze at the night sky. The twinkling lights are a rare delicacy thanks to the pollution we cause every day. I often have a sweet nostalgia of the days when I used to lie down on the terrace floor with my father and he showed me all the constellations.

Probably under the whiff of the same nostalgia that I was, renowned photographer Thierry Cohen has captured some known cities in the night light recently. His project is called ‘Villes Enteintes’ which means Darkened Cities.

He has been working on this project since 2010 and he notes precise latitude and angle of his cityscape to ensure that his photos capture with perfection, what is lost to modern urban dwellers. He darkens cities in the photographs on purpose to show the audience how the night sky in these cities would look like without electricity.

1. Paris

Image source


2. Los Angeles

Image source


3. Shanghai

Image source


4. Hong Kong

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5. Sao Paulo

Image source


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6. London (city)

Image source


7. London (rural)

Image source


8. New York

Image source


9. Rio De Janerio

Image source


10. Tokyo

Image source


11. San Francisco

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Mesmerising, isn’t it? You can check more of Thierry’s work here.

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