12 YO Girl Builds Cheap Robot That Folds Clothes In 3 Seconds & Twitter Can’t Thank Her Enough!


If you are someone whose wardrobe is an absolute mess because you just end up stuffing all your laundered clothes inside then I’m virtually high five-ing you right now! Folding clothes is one of those jobs which are immensely simple but extremely boring. If there’s someone else to do the job, then good. Otherwise, they just end up in a massive pile on “that one chair” or at the corner of the bed.

However, a 12-year-old girl from Nigeria named Fathia Abdullahi has built a cheap robot that folds clothes and lazy bums are already willing to buy it!

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According to sources, Fathia learnt how to code when she was 11 and in a year she used it to build a laundry-folding robot. She used some pins, beams, and an EV3 brick which is a programmable circuit which works as the heart of robots and comes with the Lego Mindstorm robotics kit.

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And her reason behind building this robot is so relatable that it’s hilarious!

“I decided to build a robot that folds clothes because that is the problem we have at home. We wash clothes and there would be a lot of t-shirts to fold,” she said.

Have a look:


Even though her robot is just a prototype, it gets the job done in 3 seconds once you lay the clothes out. She plans on developing it so that she can sell it to the local markets. It makes a boring household chore quite fun and netizens have become a fan!




This girl is surely going places!

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