Desis Stand In Support Of YouTuber Who Was Shamed For Not Wearing A Blouse With Saree

When it comes to dictating what a woman should wear, and how she should walk, talk and live her life, our society is an expert. It has already defined what a ‘good woman’ should be like and if a woman deviates from that definition by an inch, she is shamed by the self-proclaimed protectors of our ‘culture’.

Take the example of YouTuber Nidhi Chaudhary who has a massive following on social media. In an insightful video where she talks about helping those who are less privileged, she is seen donning a beautiful saree. However, she isn’t wearing a blouse.

And several people online decided to shame her for it. From schooling her about our ‘culture’ to joking about donating money so that she can buy ‘proper’ clothes, here’s how many reacted:

Thankfully, on the other side, there were people with better sense who stood in support of Nidhi Chaudhary. Sharing old pictures of women, many pointed out how the concept of a blouse was introduced late into our culture. If you consider our great-grandparents’ generation, women used to roam around blouseless, covering their bosoms with the saree itself.

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Nidhi also tweeted in response to all the hate she received and politely asked people to mind their own business.

There are more pressing issues in the world that need our immediate attention. And I can assure you, a woman’s clothing is not one of them.

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