Singer Nicki Minaj Paid Off 30 Student Loans On Twitter And Internet Has Never Been So Happy

There is no second opinion to the statement that education loans suck the life out of you. They eat you up little by little and there is no way it gets easier on you, with time. So you thought.

Nicki Minaj is the blessing I am talking about. Nicki on Twitter is paying off student loans of college students who show her straight A’s! Yes she is, NO KIDDING!

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It all started when Nicki was tweeting about paying international trip fares for contest winners, who would get to meet her in Las Vegas. So, a Twitter handle @cjbydesign asked her if she would pay his college fees instead?


To everyone’s surprise, Nicki said YES. She asked all her followers to Tweet to her their grades and she promised to pay their college fees. Country no bar.


The requests started flooding in and Nicki started responding to each one of them!


She started taking up queries and responding to them one by one. Of course, students with a B grade got a little upset, but she promised to help.


Nicki sought to help out all those she could. Someone here needed 1,000 dollars.


One by one, Nicki promised to help all who asked for it.


No one was left behind! NO ONE.


And just like that Nicki promised to help 30 students in need. Not just the one’s with straight A’s, everyone who had proof that they wanted to use the money to study.


Nicki had quite a generous day!


Nicki Minaj did not get off, just like that. She promised that she’ll be back in a month or two and do this again.

Nicki, you are an angel in disguise! If we had more people like you, with such a giving heart, student loans won’t be pain in the neck no more. πŸ˜›

We love you Nicki!