10 Signs Your Relationship Has Moved On To The Next Level

Whether you’re single or not, it holds true to both when I say that dating is really fun. When it’s the beginning, it’s exciting; when you’re steady for a longer period of time, it’s all about being comfortable and secure. The transition we make from the initial phase of dating to the later phase is inevitable, and it’s also pretty awesome when you look at it.

Here are the differences between the initial and later phase of being in a relationship.

1. Anticipation of meeting them

Initial Phase- You’re a little nervous every single time before you’re going to see them

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Later Phase- Nervousness? Never heard of it

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You don’t remember the last time you were nervous in front of your significant other.


2. When you’re getting ready to meet them

Initial Phase- All your best clothes and fanciest perfumes come out of the closet, because you have to look your best

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Later Phase- Sweatpants and tee at home with them, jeans and tee when you’re out with them

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No questions asked.


3. How you spend your time together

Initial Phase- You (or your date) plan dates seriously, making sure you visit nice places, or do fun activities together

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Later Phase- Dates include pizza and binge watching TV series together

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4. Getting comfortable with someone

Initial Phase- Electricity in the air; you’re on the lookout for moves- hand holding, lingering eye contact, and the first kiss

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Later Phase- More than anything, you’re used to farts and burps. And it doesn’t bother you to the least

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5. How you see them

Initial Phase- You’re majorly attracted to qualities like their personality, how they are in public, and how they talk to people. Not to mention, their physical aspects

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Later Phase- You’re way beyond the superficial stuff. You’re now in love with who they are on the inside

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6. Frequency in communication

Initial Phase- You’re obsessed with each other

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Later Phase- Even a few minutes of talking every day is enough for you guys to go on

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7. Celebrating milestones

Initial Phase- You pass milestones like your first kiss, the first time they say that they love you, your first month together

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Later Phase- You pass milestones like your first year together, your first vacation together, meeting their parents

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8. Having your own space

Initial Phase- Happiness is when you wake up next to them, wanting to spend as much time with them as you can

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Later Phase- Happiness is when you have some well-deserved alone time, doing things you love without your significant other

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9. Fighting with them

Initial Phase- Your first fight bothers you to no end, but the making up after that is the best thing ever

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Later Phase- You might fight a lot at one point, but you don’t even remember it 5 minutes later

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10. Why you love your significant other

Initial Phase- The best part about your relationship is the level of newness and excitement there is with the person you like

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Later Phase- The best part about your relationship is the fact that you can be your true self with them, without the least bit of inhibitions

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The firsts are just as awesome as the later parts of a relationship, so the moral of the story is- Love is life, life is love. Keep lovin’! ūüėÄ

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