NEXA Just Came Up With A Whole New Way Of Experiencing Colour… By Hearing It!

If we’re talking about impressive fusions, let me tell you about one that will surely blow your mind. There is a neurological condition that allows a person to perceive something with not just one but two senses! For example, they wouldn’t just see the colour green, they’d actually associate it with a particular sound in their mind!

So wait, am I telling you that some people can actually ‘hear’ a ‘colour’? Yes! Science calls this linking of two senses Synesthesia, or in this case, Chromesthesia or Sound-Colour Synesthesia.

Isn’t this amazing? Almost like a superpower, right? Well, NEXA found a rather ingenious way to use this superpower and create something beautiful!

NEXA, comes from a lineage that has always been driven by innovation. And they too, like synesthetes, visualised their innovation as a colour, particularly, the colour Blue.

“And thus was born Nexa Blue, a signature shade symbolising the inspiration, creation and passion behind Nexa.

So when it came to introducing NEXA Blue to the world, there was an idea. What if people could experience it in a whole new way, not just by seeing the colour, but by listening to it?

NEXA brought on board three synesthetes, musicians who had the innate ability to translate sounds to colors and vice versa, under one roof to help bring the sound of NEXA Blue alive.

Eduardo, a violinist from Canada, was so fascinated by his own condition, that he wrote a thesis on Synesthesia and even a children’s book about it.

For the longest time, Samara, a cellist from London, did not know about Synesthesia. She thought it was normal to visualise musical notes as swatches of colour. But a disagreement with a fellow musician made her realise that what she could do was rare and special!

Litsa is a violinist, but she likes to think of herself as an artist too. When she plays music, she visualises colour as brushstrokes of paint in her mind!

The extraordinary thing about Synesthesia is that all three musicians associated the colour NEXA Blue with different sounds!

While Litsa thought Nexa Blue definitely sounded like an ‘F Sharp’, to Samara it felt like a deep dark ‘B Flat’! As for Eduardo, he heard the notes ‘E’, ‘G Sharp’ and ‘B’. And now the real trick was to use these five completely different notes to create the perfect symphony to depict NEXA Blue!

And that difficult job fell to the composer, Indraneel!

And indeed, when it all came together, it aligned so perfectly with what NEXA Blue stood for!

“It’s a beautiful concept. They are bringing visuals and sound together and they’re creating something so wonderful, it almost seems like magic to us.”

So then, are you ready to experience a colour like never before? Are you ready to hear the colour NEXA Blue?

Wow! Did you hear that? Sounded like the start of something new and Blue to me!